Xie Chichun

The manner is dignified and calm, the temperament is beautiful and elegant,

The manner is dignified and calm, the temperament is beautiful and elegant, but there is no arrogance and deliberate posture. That charm and gentleness are hidden in the bone, but will not be exposed wantonly, like a picture scroll slowly unfolding, like a vine, upward, people want to protect, want to explore, can not give birth to respect, can not give birth to contempt. It was the kind of woman he had never tasted. So even though he knew that this was the woman that Wei Shangshu had given to Xie, and that Yue might not be happy, he could not help but go forward and smell the faint fragrance on her body. The charming young girl had an indescribable attraction for him, a man of thirty. In the next dozen days and nights, Xie Tiao had a deeper understanding of this. At this time, looking at Linglong's body lying on her side, Xie Tiao stepped slightly, and the depression in her heart seemed to disperse a lot. Ying Chun seemed to be aware of it. When he saw him sideways, he propped himself up. "Are you here?" Xie Tiao was greeted by him to sit on the short couch, that pair of soft greasy slightly cool hands then to his temples,fake blossom tree, between the skillful massage, Ying Chun's voice is also very soft, "tired?"? The weather is hot. Take a rest later. "Mmm." Xie Tiao closed his eyes, feeling that the tangled and confused thoughts in his mind were rubbed away by her. The cool wind under the porch blew over with the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus. He couldn't help holding Ying Chun's hand. "Come here." As soon as he stretched out his hand, Ying Chun, who was standing beside him, seemed to be weak and boneless, and in a moment he fell into his arms along his mind. Nephrite warm fragrance in the bosom,silk ficus tree, Ying Chun's fingers climbed up his eyebrows, voice more charming, "what are you worried about?" "Some trivia." Xie Tiao did not say explicitly. Ying Chun just smiled, straightened up a little, stroked his eyebrows with his thumb, and sent the red and tender lips to Xie Tiao's eyes. Xie Yanyi's mind was already up, and she had no scruples any more. She was picked up horizontally and walked into the house. Ying Chun's lips quietly hooked up-of course she knew what Xie Kui was worried about. The dog-eating case had been making a lot of noise these two days, and no one in the whole Heng Guogong Mansion knew about it. I just don't know if he listened to what she pretended to mention unintentionally. In the Rongxi Pavilion, Yue's face was very ugly, and Mrs. Xie's accusations and questions poked her ears like needles. I've always looked at your kindness. Did you really arrange this? First, there was a sense of regret and disbelief in the eyes of the old lady. Yue Shi slightly hunched his body, even though his heart was turned upside down, his face was unshakable. "Since the old lady knows that I am kind, she should believe that I don't have such a vicious mind.". Tian's mother is certainly a person around me, faux ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, but what she does is not necessarily my instigation. The old lady has made it clear that we should have a good sense of propriety when we get along with His Highness the King of Yue. No matter how stupid the daughter-in-law is, she will not dare to disobey the orders of her elders. "You mean she was directed by someone else?" After all, Mrs. Xie believed in Yue. Yue quickly knelt down at Old Lady Xie's knee and said, "Their family was indeed included in the dowry brought by my daughter-in-law, but they were not put in an important position. Mother Tian was not my confidant either.". The old lady thought carefully, if I really did such an unconscionable thing, how could I let her do it? The daughter-in-law has her own competent stewards. Wouldn't it be more seamless to arrange for them to do it? It is also reasonable to say so, the old lady Xie knows Yue's temperament, will not be so reckless. She hesitated for a moment, and then Sui said, "But Yue has already admitted it." "Do you admit it?"? What did Yue say? Yue Shi looked at Sui Shi, his eyes pressing. Sui Shi was neither humble nor pushy. "She admitted that she wanted to have something to do with the King of Yue. She told me not to tell the old lady.". She was a girl who was confused, but the elders could not sit idly by. If the old lady didn't believe it, she would ask Yue to come over and ask. "Did she say that I taught her to get involved with the King of Yue?" Asked Yue at once. "Sui Shi was stunned. He shook his head and said," That's not true. After all, her experience in handling affairs was shallow. At that time, she was just angry at Tian's mother's demagoguery and Xie Yue's confusion. She thought Xie Yue was a little girl, so she really didn't ask about it. Seeing this, Yue insisted that Tian's mother had been instigated to frame her. When Mrs. Xie called Xie Yue over to ask, there was Yue Shi present, but Xie Yue acted according to circumstances and felt that he could only rely on Yue Shi in the future. Naturally, she insisted that it was Mother Tian who instigated her, and did not mention Yue Shi. Xie old lady is a little unhappy-Tian mother's heart is hateful, Xie Yue is really confused, but Sui has not yet found out the truth and then pulled Yue in, what is the intention, it is worth considering. What's more, Sui only speculated, but Xie Yue denied it, and the weight was naturally different. The old lady had been coaxed by Yue for so many years, and she had a partial belief in her heart. The initial burst of anger had passed, but now she hesitated. She taught Xie Yue a lesson and said she would discuss it tomorrow. After all, these things are not on the table, Xie old lady used to hide the bad things, also did not intend to make a big fight, just want to seriously think about tonight, tomorrow to try out the ugly. She was dealing with it in a tepid way, but Old Master Hsieh was very angry again. Now that Xie Xuan had made Mother Tian's move, she naturally would not pin all her hopes on the soft-hearted and muddle-headed Old Lady Xie. When Rongxi Pavilion sent someone to invite Xie Yue, she felt that things were not good, so when she went outside to visit Xie, she found a reason to report what she had seen and heard today directly to Old Master Xie. Chapter 065 Old Master Hsieh has lived most of his life, and for the first time he laments the misfortune of his family. When he learned that Xie Tiao and his son had contacts with Guo She and his son, he just felt angry and hated the second couple for being too ambitious and unscrupulous for glory. When he learned about Hsieh Yueh, Old Master Hsieh even felt a little sick. From last year when Hsieh Xuan was in danger outside the Xuanmiaoguan Temple,large palm trees for sale, to the appearance of Aconitum in Hsieh Tien's diet, to now when Hsieh Yueh has been deceived into confusion, how can there be the shadow of Yue everywhere. hacartificialtree.com


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