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Silence fell between the three of them, and they finally understood what Zhu Wenmao meant by dying anyway.

Silence fell between the three of them, and they finally understood what Zhu Wenmao meant by dying anyway. But he still had some doubts, even if the emperor of Hun yuan wanted to refine the remnant of the holy way, it was unlikely. If the older generation has nothing to do, the younger generation will leave. Seeing his silence, Zhu Wenmao took the initiative to say again. He nodded and said, "Lei Yuehe, let me ask you another question.". I still have something to do with Ji Xi of your Goddess Holy Gate. Has she come back? Hearing that she had something to do with Ji Xi Saint, Lei Yuehe stayed for a while, but she quickly reacted and quickly bowed down and said, "Senior, Xi Saint has been back to the Holy Gate for several years.". But now the saint is no longer a saint, but another saint set up by my holy door. After hearing this, he was overjoyed. When Ji Xi came back, he could go to ask for the bottom of the gourd. The woman didn't die, but she was lucky. His Sanbao Huanyuan gourd looked like it was going to fit. As for the change of the goddess's holy door to the saint, that's not what he should be in charge of. Ok, I am very satisfied with your answer. I have one last question now, that is, why did you come to Xuyue Shengdao? Think of the three treasures mixed yuan gourd will soon fit together, the mood is very good. Zhu Wenmao sighed and knew that he could not answer. He could only bow down and answer,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "Because the younger generation is the only living disciple of Xuyue Shengdao." (The third watch has been delivered. Good night, friends!) ...... Eager for monthly ticket support Sent in the third watch, the holy door of the holy way angered Kui, Kui will set off a storm in the remnant world of the holy way. Let everyone know that not all people from low-level interfaces are easy to mess with. Let those holy doors understand that even grass roots such as Mu Xiaoyun also have a backer. Whoo, we have to rely on the abandoned youth. Our monthly tickets have been scattered for a few days. Ask a friend who has a monthly ticket to give us a monthly ticket and a support! (The first watch will be at 18:00 tomorrow. Please pay attention.) 。。。 Chapter 2089 fire spirit Xiaoqing. Are you a disciple of Xuyue Shengdao? Since you are a disciple of Xuyue Shengdao, why do you come here secretly? He looked at Zhu Wenmao in amazement and asked. Zhu Wenmao did not continue to hesitate, but said directly, "Because I was destroyed by the Great Sun God Mountain." "Did you say that the Great Sun God Mountain destroyed the Holy Way of the Rising Moon?" After repeating a sentence, the heart seems to understand some come over, no wonder Zhu Wenmao said that the big sun God mountain already had this plot. If the Great Sun God Mountain really has the idea of Hun yuan Shengdi to the remnant of the Holy Way, it is not impossible to destroy the Xuyue Holy Way a long time ago. After a little thought, water bottling line ,water bottle packaging machine, he asked, "It was millions of years ago that the Holy Way of the Rising Moon was destroyed.". You look like you're a long way from your age. "Because at the time of the destruction of Xuyue Shengdao, the younger generation of yuanshen escaped by luck, and the younger generation was lucky enough to meet a plastic Luoxiao Wumu.". After the younger generation shaped their bodies, they practiced again. Later, I met Younger Martial Sister Yuehe. Without Yuehe, I couldn't hold on to this day in the remnant domain of the Holy Way. Zhu Wenmao seemed to think of the past and sighed. He felt that Zhu Wenmao was not lying. He looked at Zhu Wenmao who wanted to leave and said, "I have something to do with Duanmu of Xuyue Shengdao. This time I came here to rebuild the mountain gate of Xuyue Shengdao. If you dare to stay, do me a favor and rebuild Xuyue Jingdao." "Duanmu, the founder of Huanyuan of Xuyue Shengdao.." Zhu Wenmao suddenly froze. When Xuyue Shengdao was destroyed, the whole clan was expecting the Patriarch to come back, but the Patriarch did not come back at the last moment. It's a long story. If you're willing to help, let's go to Changfei Shengdao City and talk about it. He knew that if he wanted to rebuild Xuyue Shengdao, he had to go to Changfei Shengdao City. Many materials can not be bought in the city, only in the city of the holy way can be bought. An hour later, Zhu Wenmao had learned everything from his mouth. When he knew that the Patriarch Duanmu could not come back, Zhu Wenmao was silent. He often hid in Xuyue Shengdao, hoping that the Patriarch would come back one day. "Elder Ye, if we rebuild the Holy Way of the Rising Moon, I'm afraid the Great Sun God Mountain will.." Zhu Wenmao said worriedly that he already knew his name, but he was not optimistic about the establishment of Xuyue Shengdao. If you don't know about the Great Sun God Mountain, you will not hesitate to directly establish the Xuyue Holy Way. Now that he knows that the Great Sun God Mountain is the enemy of the Xuyue Holy Way, of course, he will not be so rash to establish the Xuyue Holy Way. At least he wants to find out what the current situation of the Great Sun God Mountain is, and whether it will still suppress the way of the Rising Moon. He took out a ring and handed it to Zhu Wenmao and said, "Inside this ring is half a top-grade spiritual vein." Zhu Wenmao shook his hand and almost dropped the ring. The most scarce thing in the field of God's tomb is not only the divine crystal, but also the spiritual vein. Even the lower-grade spiritual veins are scarce, not to mention the top-grade spiritual veins. Kui gave him a ring and said that there was half a top-grade spiritual vein in it, which was simply too amazing. Kui also knew that the spiritual veins here were scarce. He had planned to send one spiritual vein to Xuyue Shengdao. Now he took out half of it to raise the resources for Xuyue Shengdao to build the mountain gate. The other half of it would help Xuyue Jingdao to arrange a large array of gathering spirits as the source of gods. Senior Ye.. Zhu Wenmao's tone was a little dry, and half of the top-grade spiritual vein might be enough for him to prove the truth. This is the resource to rebuild Xuyue Shengdao Mountain Gate. You can use this half of the spiritual vein to buy resources in Changfei Shengdao City and wait for me to come back. Half of the top-grade spiritual veins do not seem to be much, but they are not rich now. In addition, he had to practice, so he could only use a spiritual vein to build up the mountain gate of Xuyue Shengdao first. Half of the top-grade spiritual vein is not rich in the eyes of Zhu Wenmao, but it is more than enough in the eyes of Zhu Wenmao. Now the remnant resources of the Holy Way are scarce, not to mention half of the top-grade spiritual vein, even if it is half of the lower-grade spiritual vein,CSD filling line, he can also exchange countless divine crystals to build up the mountain gate of Xuyue Holy Way. Senior, please rest assured that I will buy the things to build Xuyue Shengdao Mountain Gate and wait for the arrival of senior. Zhu Wenmao had calmed down his excitement at this time, and immediately affirmed.


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