Swallow Swallow

On this day, I have known Professor Zhuo for exactly half a year.

On this day, I have known Professor Zhuo for exactly half a year. The so-called understanding is that Professor Zhuo finally discovered my existence. As for Professor Zhuo, I have known her very well since I was a child. Just like a young girl worshipping her youth idol, I admire her deeply with a trace of pain and shyness. As I grow older, I gradually learn that people are affected by others, and the most profound changes often come from the distant and irrelevant side. I think Professor Zhuo has never been able to understand. She is so unaware and indifferent, through thousands of people, playing with the fate of the distant me. In the sea breeze, I recalled that the first time I really met Professor Zhuo, she was nearly 60 years old and should have retired long ago, but she had re-opened up a nursery in her life. That year, Professor Zhuo had just returned to China, and with her popularity at the height of her power, she immediately entered the domestic dance world. She can even jump. It was an extremely dry summer, and when I was 16, I took a train to Taipei and wandered around the newly completed National Theater for another day and a half. It was not until I queued up in the evening light to enter the theater that I remembered that I was so excited that I forgot to drink water all day. Sitting in the dark theater, I felt burned inside and out. I was as dry as a mummy. A bright silver light shone on her body in black. When the swallow she played danced, I cried like rain on the spot. My soul, which rushed left and right, finally opened the breach, and the swallow perched in my heart from then on. It was Professor Zhuo's first dance after returning to China, and she was a legend in my eyes. How I wish I could dance as freely as she does. Later, I learned that Professor Zhuo's work was all superficial in the media. In the year when she announced the closure of the dance, I happened to be admitted to the foreign language department of the university. Professor Zhuo packed up her famous black dancing clothes, and the swallow in my heart also went into hibernation. I chose to read English and French, which was my wish, but I knew in my heart that there was still a vacancy in my life, which was more substantial than any material vacancy, with the suction of a black hole. Forcing me to throw myself into everything within my reach, I joined a modern dance troupe in my spare time, dancing with my soul in class and reciting French verb conjugations in practice. My college memory is like a storm. In those years, I also traveled thousands of miles to attend Professor Zhuo's introduction to choreography class, which was quite famous. Professor Zhuo always has coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand in class. If she shouts out who can't answer something decent, she raises her eyes and fingers, and the whole cigarette with fire folds into a V shape in an instant. It crosses an arc of orange light in the air, Inflatable outdoor park , and accurately orders the middle school students to sit between their eyebrows. Its strength is so fierce that no one can escape. So everyone in her class always rushes to pick the back seat. However, many people came to attend the lecture, forming a wonderful scene of the first two rows of empty seats and the back of the classroom full of people. Looking back now, it is very fortunate that she never threw out the coffee cup. After Professor Zhuo sealed the dance, there were signs of getting fat, which gradually gave people the illusion of kindness. Although she no longer danced, she took over more dance troupe guidance work. She had a high position in the cultural circle, and a will could control countless young hearts. She choreographed, she commented on dance, and she introduced the most cutting-edge modern dance concepts in the world. She was a real female tyrant. When guiding students, she was always very impatient, like a group of slow-beat companions. Not only on the stage, but also in the art circle, few people can get along with her for a long time. So when I knew I was going to see her, I was more worried than happy. I spent my whole youth exercising. I knew that only she could give me the final score. A thousand times on the stage was not as good as a dance for her. But what if she didn't appreciate me? Don't care about me? Or catapult a cigarette halfway through my scissor circle? It was a great honor and great pressure to be included in the dance code choreographed by Professor Zhuo himself. Many dancers had been rejected before me. After a long time of thinking, my dance troupe teacher finally recommended me to go again. Professor Zhuo has raised a very large sum of money, and the news that he is going to release the giant dance "The Road to Heaven" has been in the newspapers for many days. Although I think highly of myself, I have never dreamed of having a chance to participate. Professor Zhuo only needs a group of the best dancers, and she has countless excellent disciples. I guess the competitors must have stepped through the threshold of Professor Zhuo. Moreover, the preparatory action is no small matter. The paid training period is as long as half a year. The number of public performances has been added again and again in advance. Professor Zhuo will personally teach each dancer. Everyone said that this would be Professor Zhuo's work behind closed doors. Standing in front of Professor Zhuo's famous dance studio, I hesitated again and again. It was the temple I had admired for many years. It was smaller than I imagined. It was an old bungalow at the bottom of the alley. The newly painted mahogany door was not covered. There was a huge sycamore tree in the courtyard, which was silently falling a large number of dead leaves. The slightly curled leaves covered several locomotives under the tree. There were no signs inside or outside the classroom, and the tranquility showed a deep atmosphere of the inner courtyard of the palace. The setting sun covered the roof with a layer of gold, and the breeze quietly blew the withered leaves into a dance. There was no trace of anyone, no sound at all. The evening color swept away the whole world like the ebb tide, leaving only this silent, dreamlike, gilded and misty dance studio in front of us. Verse 4: Strange Feelings Begin to Haunt Me I tried to find out, but I could no longer remember how I passed through Professor Zhuo's courtyard in that midsummer evening. Unexpectedly, the ringing bell echoed in my memory. Ding-zero, pushing open the wooden curtain door, a copper wind chime sounded, slightly startled, I almost covered the copper bell with my hand. All the people in the room looked up at me, and before I could say hello, they lost interest for a moment and returned to their respective postures. The sunset dragged my shadow long into the middle of the floor. Someone whispered past it. In the slanting light, I could see countless golden powder flying quietly. Someone laughed softly. At that moment, I suddenly found that I was an intruder again. Just like every important turning point in my life, I hesitated too much,Inflatable indoor park, decided too late, realized too ambiguously, and ended up in such a halfway role from beginning to end. joyshineinflatables.com


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