Chinese Tea Classics-Part 2

(Yao Guokun) WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Two, tea art Novel txt heaven Tea has the effect of keeping fit,

(Yao Guokun) WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Two, tea art Novel txt heaven Tea has the effect of keeping fit, quenching thirst and curing diseases. It is also rich in appreciation and can cultivate sentiment, so people call tea a recreational beverage. Tea is not only a drink, but also a special handicraft. With a cup of tea in hand, you can not only smell the fragrance and taste, but also enjoy the poetic and picturesque atmosphere of tea drinking environment and tea sets. Tea tasting is full of fun, which is not only a kind of material enjoyment, but also an elegant entertainment that enriches the interest of life and leads to physical and mental comfort. Since tea drinking is rich in art, the art of tea tasting emerges as the times require. In the history of tea drinking in China, tea art has always been respected by people. Qian Qi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, said, "Takeshita forgets his words to purple tea, which is better than Yu Ke's drunken rosy clouds.". Li Jiayou said, "I am lucky to have fragrant tea to keep my young son, but I can't bear the autumn grass to send my grandson.". Peaks, bamboo forests, purple tea, breeze, relatives and friends get together, close friends express their feelings, so tea tasting is no less elegant and interesting than flowing clouds, and the beauty of tea art is naturally among them. (1) The environment for drinking tea The "taste" of tea can be interpreted as "taste". "Zhou Li · Tian Guan · Dianfu" says: "The Dianfu is sacrificed and tastes the food, and the king eats it." Zheng Xuan's note: "Those who taste it taste it every time they eat it." "Tasting" is not only used to evaluate tea and identify the quality of tea, but also to sip slowly to achieve the enjoyment of beauty and sublimate the spiritual world to a noble artistic realm. Xu Wei of the Ming Dynasty said in Xu Wenchang's Secret Collection, "Tea is suitable for fine houses, cloud forests, bamboo stoves, quiet people and refined scholars, sitting in the cold sky, under the pine moon, among flowers and birds, clear white stone, green and fresh 04 Chinese tea passes through grey moss, plain hands draw springs, red makeup sweeps snow,Inflatable water park on lake, bow blows fire, smoke in bamboo". It shows that the ancients attached great importance to the environment of tea tasting. The environment of tea tasting is generally composed of buildings, gardens, furnishings, tea sets and other factors. The organic composition of these factors can form a good environment for tea tasting. It is difficult to choose a building for family tea drinking, but in a limited space, you can find a suitable location. Generally speaking, it is better to choose a sunny window with a tea table, sofa or chair. Potted flowers are placed on the windowsill and vines are placed on the top. If there are no potted flowers, it is also appropriate to put fresh cut flowers on the tea table. Flowers can coordinate the environment, because flowers have beautiful colors, wonderful shapes, beautiful posture and lovely character,inflatable castle with slide, so they can make people happy, and with the fragrance of flowers overflowing, people are more relaxed and happy. The green shade can eliminate the fatigue of the eye nerve, relax the central nervous system and make people relaxed and happy. The use of tea sets for family tea drinking varies from person to person. Have a drink alone with a ceramic tea set. If you invite three or four friends or guests to visit, you should take measures according to the guests. Older people can use purple clay tea sets; young people can use glass tea sets or white porcelain tea sets; ladies can use celadon or even thin body porcelain tea sets. Anyhow, requirement of domestic drink tea is quiet, pure and fresh, comfortable, clean, use all favorable conditions as far as possible, wait like small garden of balcony, front courtyard even corner, want to decorate only proper, window is bright a few clean, can create a good environment that taste tea likewise. Public tea drinking places have different requirements because of their different levels and styles. Public tea drinking places, buildings need not be too particular, bamboo buildings, tile-roofed houses, wooden houses, thatched cottages, etc. Do as the Romans do. No matter how the building is, it requires good lighting, so that tea customers can feel bright and bright. Indoor furnishings can be simple, tables, chairs and benches, neat and clean. The big bowl of tea or the pot of tea must be clean and hygienic. High-end teahouses are more fastidious. The century-old teahouse "Pavilion in the Middle of the Lake" of Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai has two floors. There are 28 14 corners on the roof. There are lifelike figures, Inflatable dry slide ,inflatable floating water park, birds, animals, flowers, birds and plants carved on the roof ridge, eaves, beams, doors and windows, as well as brick carvings and paintings. In the hall of the museum, there are fragrant mahogany Eight Immortals tables, tea tables, square stools, marble round tables, antique palace lanterns hanging on the ceiling, wall lamps embedded in the walls, light yellow curtains around the large windows, and simple and elegant Yixing tea sets with national characteristics on the table. The teahouse is surrounded by clear water and nine winding bridges, with a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery. The newly built "Laoshe Teahouse" in Beijing is even more magnificent. There is a stage in the teahouse, where famous actors play and sing, which is unique. In some modern hotels, teahouses are full of noble modern colors, full artificial lighting, high lights, scarlet carpets, sofas, tea tables, white porcelain tea sets, air conditioning temperature control, sound of string and bamboo, colorful, making people stay in the modern atmosphere. Chinese gardens are famous in the world, and the landscape is innumerable. The use of gardens or natural landscape, set up a teahouse, let people rest, full of interest. "In heaven there is paradise, on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou." The beauty of Hangzhou is everywhere, and every scenic spot is always equipped with a teahouse, or a lake, or a mountain, or in a secluded place, hidden in the green sea. The teahouse of Orioles Singing in the Willows, connected by pavilions and corridors, is lined with willows and accompanied by fragrant grass; the teahouse of fish watching in the flower harbor, facing the lake on one side, with fish swimming like shuttles in the middle of the lake and luxuriant flowers and trees, is better than a fairyland; the wonderful place is the autumn moon teahouse on the flat lake, drinking here at night, looking up at the bright moon, the moon falls on the West Lake, the surface of the lake is shining. The Liuhe Pagoda Teahouse is backed by Wuyun Mountain, facing the Qiantang River. The bridge is like a drill, the sails are dotted, the jade belt is busy, and the rivers and mountains are in full view. The Baoshi Mountain Teahouse is located on the top of the mountain, standing against the mountain, surrounded by green bamboos, dancing in the wind. The Shuile Cave Teahouse in the cave is full of fun. The spring comes out of the stone, the gold and stone are pounding, and the cool breeze blows. All kinds of teahouses in such a beautiful environment, how can we not call the tea customers? How can we not make tea customers more fond of tea? It is no wonder that the ancients said, "In my life, I have nothing to take from things, but I can enjoy a cup of tea in the mountains." Family tea drinking places, or public teahouses, hanging celebrity calligraphy and paintings, can also increase the ancient 24 Chinese tea classics, elegant or modern flavor, and increase the interest of tea drinking. Nowadays, some tea art performances, but also fashionable incense, bursts of fragrance, assail the nostrils, misty smoke, faintly appear, creating a unique tea environment. (Bai Jianyuan) (2) Appreciation of tea Mr. Lu Xun once said: "To have good tea to drink, to be able to drink good tea, is a kind of happiness, but to enjoy this happiness, first of all, there must be time,inflatable amusement park, followed by the special feeling of practice." Being able to drink tea is not equal to being able to appreciate tea, but being able to appreciate tea is the only way to drink good tea and find out its beauty, so as to achieve the highest level of tea art.


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