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Agence France-Presse used a lot of words to describe the fashion works of the show in detail,

Agence France-Presse used a lot of words to describe the fashion works of the show in detail, and produced several wonderful photos related to the show. The Associated Press wrote: "Of the four major international shows, Paris is recognized as the world's fashion capital, and Paris is recognized as the world's fashion capital.". Twice a year during the fashion week, not only many world-class fashion masters held a conference here, but also gathered thousands of professional media and buyers from all over the world, which can be called the vane of the world fashion trend, and is also regarded as the "birthplace of fashion brands" by the industry. The most eye-catching new star and highlight of this fashion week is Dong Jie, a child from China. Forgive me, my friends, but I really can't call a little girl who is only ten years old a lady. Contrary to her age, her strength surprised everyone. The beginning of this season has attracted a lot of attention. She gives girls a space to dream. Especially the pink puffy skirt of the finale is a combination of dreamlike nobility and elegance, which perfectly integrates the two.. Dong's brand is DJ. NO.1-the latter is more interesting. 'NO.1' of course, she deserves it, hehe. Perhaps she was the only one who could mark the word so clearly. She is the first fashion designer from China, she is the youngest designer so far, she is the youngest designer to start a business and make achievements, we have reason to believe that she will become the N0.1 of China's clothing industry, as for the international community, let us wait and see. As an aside,x60 line pipe, I am personally very optimistic about her, oh, fellow masters and colleagues. You should be careful. Dong's body really focuses on most of the mysteries. She comes from the mysterious eastern country, her unworldly genius and talent. In addition, we have just received reliable information from our Chinese counterparts, our little designer. Her life experience is also quite mysterious. She is Mr. Li Yiran, the president of the Oriental Element Group. Er, Li Yiran is only 18 years old this year. Reluctantly,347 stainless steel, she can be called Mr. Dong Jie, who was adopted and brought up by herself. She was in poor health when she was a child. She escaped from death several times. To this day, she has never entered the school gate for a day. She has not only made amazing achievements in fashion design, but also mastered both English and French languages, plus her own mother tongue. The 10-year-old girl can use the three languages skillfully. He is a well-deserved language genius. Attached to the report is a photo of Dong Jie's curtain call at the show. "Oh, what a terrible speed to dig out the details of the two of us in such a short time?" After the press conference. Received congratulations and blessings from all sides, and responded to interviews with some journalists. Dashan then took over all the aftermath work and let the exhausted Dong Jie go home to rest. It is not uncommon for other designers to stay up all night for a press conference, but Dong Jie's physical foundation does not allow her to do so. Moreover, the tension and busyness of the past few days had squeezed all her energy, so she went home obediently and slept until the next day. When she woke up in the morning, Dong Jie just felt refreshed. The mountain is not around. Opening the curtains, it was almost eight o'clock in the sunshine. Remembering what happened yesterday, Dong Jie couldn't help but feel happy from the bottom of her heart. The feeling of success is really good! By the way, today's newspaper must be very lively, x70 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, and there must be a lot of reports about her. Really curious, I wonder how the fashion media will evaluate themselves? In this way, Dong Jie could not sit still for a moment. In the living room, Dashan, Yang, uncle and others were all there, and the table was filled with newspapers and magazines. Everyone was in a good mood, laughing and talking while reading the newspaper. After saying hello to everyone in a hurry, Dong Jie couldn't wait to read the newspaper. Stopped by Dashan, "No.". Eat breakfast first, yesterday's dinner all fell asleep. "Dashan moves gently but can't refuse to arrange her to sit on the sofa." Rest assured, we have made the main news marks. Aunt Yang and uncle come to read, you listen to it. ” Although Dong Jie was reluctant to accept the sumptuous breakfast that Dashan had prepared for a long time, she had to compromise, "I want to listen now!" So Yang Ye read the reports about her to her one by one. Dong Jie beamed when she heard this. Ha ha, really good, a praise voice, everyone recognized her design and strength. Her uncle read a report, but she couldn't help frowning. "Actually, it's not very strange," Dashan comforted. If we establish diplomatic relations with the United States, we will have more economic and trade exchanges. Earlier, the Fashion Association announced our names and the order of appearance. If the Associated Press looked for people in China to check, it would be easy to find our heads, but there was no way to be sure for a while. After the press conference, it was normal for both sides to communicate and know some news. Because he had to take the college entrance examination in Beijing, when he applied for a registered permanent residence last year, Dashan deliberately falsely reported his age as two years old. This year, he was exactly 18 years old, and he could become the legitimate owner of the Oriental Element Company. So Zhao Jie retired after success, and the legal person's name was changed to Li Yiran. The Associated Press will certainly speculate for the first time whether the designer appearing in this Paris Fashion Week will be the designer of Oriental Elements Company? With their great powers, follow the company owner to check down, and then compare the age. However, the lightning-fast speed of the media is really amazing! "This time, the designer from China, Miss Dong Jie and her brother, Mr. Li Yiran, are the mysterious bosses and designers of the most famous Oriental element brand in China, with legendary life experience, legendary achievements and legendary life achievements!" My uncle put down the newspaper and said with a smile, "Well, that's a good comment!" Chapter 125 a red apricot comes out of the wall. Before and after the press conference, Dashan was very busy. However, the busy before the press conference, because of the worries and worries about the unpredictable results,uns c68700, the mood is really a bit heavy. It's different now. As a series of laurels such as stunning and genius fell on Dong Jie's head, they were highly concerned by the media. Dozens of media have asked for an exclusive interview with Dong Jie, and many professional buyers have contacted Dashan in the hope that "DJ NO.1" can enter the European market.


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