The sky is enchanting

She was puzzled at once. As she walked forward, she read the information that the Dark Magic Ring had sent her about the land of gods and demons: t

She was puzzled at once. As she walked forward, she read the information that the Dark Magic Ring had sent her about the land of gods and demons: the land of gods and demons is a vast land with a population of tens of billions. The whole continent is divided into two parts separated by an ocean, and they are located in the larger Holy Heaven continent ruled by the Holy Heaven Empire. The Shengtian Empire had four families to support its imperial rule. They were the Qi family, the Beichen family, the Ouyang family, and the Ye family. They and the emperor's holy palace became the five major forces ruling the Shengtian Empire. However, Shenmue continent can be said to be a very strange world, it is not advocating the supremacy of imperial power, but the respect of the strong, the first important thing is strength, the second important thing is strength. Therefore, on this continent, the Holy Gate is a more powerful force than the Holy Heaven Empire, which is composed of five clans. Her mother, Mu Qianxue,Heme Iron Polypeptide, is the saint of the first clan of the Holy Gate. Followed by Qin, Xiao, Lu, month four zongmen. As for the Dark Demons, they are a race left over from ancient times in the land of gods and demons. They have a better appearance than the Shark people, and they are gifted and talented, but the number of them is very small. The Holy Gate and the Holy Heaven Empire have always regarded the Dark Demons as a thorn in their flesh. Read here,Thyroid Powder Factory, Ye Tian Zong finally has a general understanding of the extermination of the Dark Demons. It is because the Dark Demons are a potential threat to the Holy Gate and the Holy Heaven Empire, and they have a rare treasure, the Blood Soul. Will lead to extermination. It has to be said that Ye Tian has been well protected by Ye Feng and Mu Qianxue. Today, she has a detailed understanding of this continent. The cultivation on this continent is the cultivation of sword spirit. When practicing, the first thing is to condense qi, which depends on the attributes of each person. Most people absorb the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, but there are very few people who are gifted to absorb the elements of light and darkness and condense them into sword qi, and then turn them into weapons according to their attributes. Sword is just a general term for all weapons, because most people's weapons are swords, but there are a few people who are not. At this time, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, Ye Tian's mind suddenly crossed a very clean face, and his sword seemed to be an iron fan. After becoming a soldier, he began to practice. According to the level of cultivation, it can be divided into swordsman, swordmaster, sword saint, sword sect, sword master, sword emperor, sword immortal and sword God. And each level is divided into nine levels. Men such as swordsmen, swordsmen and the like, of whom the general mercenary regiment and the Imperial cavalry were composed, were numerous. But Kensei is much rarer. However, there are also many disciples of the five sects of the Holy Gate who have become swordsmen. Jian Zong and Jian Zun are even rarer. Generally, the elders of big families are at the level of Jian Zong and Jian Zun. Jian Di can only be said to be Feng Mao Ling Jiao. Like the Sword Immortal and the Sword God, they are purely legendary figures. But Ye Tian did not forget that her parents were besieged by five swordsmen, and she could not help sighing in her heart: "The enemy is really not generally strong!"! Originally Ye Tian also wanted to get information about another continent, Cang Luan, but she found that the dark magic ring did not show, she only had no choice but to give up.  The most important thing is that the blood soul grows in a very harsh environment. It must grow in a place full of dark elements, not in contact with sunlight, and the soil must be fire. Therefore, apart from the people of the Dark Demon Palace, very few people on the mainland know that the secret treasure they are scrambling for is actually a plant. However, these are not surprising places for Ye Tian, the real reason why she forgot to breathe is that even if there are only two blood souls in the Dark Devil Palace,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, there is one here. Seen from a distance, it was like a burning flame stimulating her eyes. Only then did Ye Tian see the whole valley. The bottom of the cliff is actually a closed circular valley. The middle of the valley is naturally a piece of blood. And there are dozens of large and small springs around this bloody soul, which are actually natural hot springs.


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