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But in Zhong Yu's mind, he just felt very ordinary, "I don't think so." “……” All look like this is not good-looking, Tingting lowered her head, then her face really can not see,

Li Wenqian sighed with a deep sigh: "Alas!"! Speaking of this murderer, he is not the enemy of Uncle Yu alone. More than ten years ago, Yanbei Lengkou Murong Sanjie came to fight with our Yannan Sanxia, and we won. Murong Mengying was wounded by the sword of your father, Brother Linfeng. Murong Sanying left with hatred. Before he left, he threatened to practice martial arts to seek revenge. Now Murong's three eagles are all dead, and their younger brother, Murong Jiying, has practiced Murong's fifteen swords and come to seek revenge. Our Mu Nan three swordsmen, the eldest brother was killed, the second brother washed his hands of the golden basin, leaving only the foolish uncle, naturally became the target of his revenge. Murong Family is famous for its flying skill and swordsmanship. Last night, when the night was quiet, he sneaked into the house with flying skill and challenged me to go out for a duel. I was afraid of involving others in my family, so I went out with him. We had a big battle at the edge of the forest outside the village. We fought more than two hundred moves and were finally defeated by his sword. He stabbed me in the right arm and scolded some insulting words to our three swordsmen of Yannan and left. Mu Ying said angrily, "This Murong Jiying is really arrogant. We Yannan sects have practiced martial arts well. We must wipe out this shame." Li Wenqian looked worried: "Alas!"! How easy is it to defeat Murong Jiying and save face?! The Murong family is a martial arts family in Shaanxi and Gansu. The flying skill and swordsmanship are unique in the world. Only your father's Gongsun Yue's female sword can compete with them. It's a pity.. In the past, I exchanged swordsmanship with my eldest brother, and I heard him say that Gongsun Yuenu's swordsmanship originated from the poet Du Fu's poem "Watching Gongsun's Disciples Dancing Swords", which was created by combining Yuenu's sword. I saw my eldest brother used Gongsun Yue's female sword, and figured out some tricks of Gongsun Yue's female sword,Heme Iron Polypeptide, but it was useless when he fought with Murong Jiying. It's a pity that these tricks are all flower shelves and have no actual combat power. Alas! I think there is no hope of revenge. "Uncle Li!" Said Mu Ying! Do you also know Gongsun Yuenu's swordsmanship? Did you teach Sister Green Lotus those tricks? Li Wenqianqiang smiled and said, "Let my good nephew laugh.". I taught that girl the swordsmanship of Gongsun Yuenu. I thought these swordsmanship were wonderful in posture and footwork. She learned to amuse herself. I didn't want her to be so ignorant and show off her incompetence in front of my good nephew.. Green Lotus pursed her lips and said, "Dad, when you taught me, you didn't tell me to dance for fun." Li Wenqian glared at Green Lotus. Mu Ying pondered and did not speak. "What are you thinking about, my good nephew?" Asked Li Wenqian. Mu Ying said slowly, "I also doubt the actual combat power of Gongsun Yuenu's swordsmanship.". On the night of my parents' death, the enemy came after me. I used the swordsmanship of Gongsun Yuenu,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, but I was still defeated by the enemy. If I hadn't been rescued by Master Hechen and his disciples, I would have been killed! Li Wenqian asked, "Didn't your good nephew Gongsun Yuenu learn the swordsmanship thoroughly?"? In this way, we should study this set of swordsmanship carefully. My good nephew, Uncle Yu has an unkind request. In order to find our strong enemy to avenge our shame, take out your Gongsun Yuenu Sword Spectrum. Let's study and practice together.. Mu Ying became alert. Thought, Li Wenqian really hit Gongsun Yue female swordsmanship idea! However, he also thought, since this set of Gongsun Yue female swordsmanship is useless, what secrets do you want to keep? Besides, if a school of martial arts is really exquisite, why let him own it? How can we promote martial arts in this way? He nodded to Li Wenqian. Li Wenqian is pleasantly surprised: "Good nephew, you promise!"? We'll continue to heal tomorrow. "However," said Mu Ying, "I don't have the Gongsun Yue Female Sword Spectrum. I can only practice the swordsmanship by myself." Li Wenqian is happy: "This is also very good, D BHB Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, can write down the move, the movement, arranges the book." Mu Ying nodded without a word. Li Wenqian said, "Green Lotus, you accompany your brother Ying to go back first, and take good care of your brother Ying to recover.". When we recover, we'll practice Gongsun Yue's female sword together. Green Lotus said innocently, "Dad!"! Learn that swordsmanship for what? It's a set of swordsmanship that is only for people to see and can't defeat the enemy. Learning it is just for people to amuse themselves. Li Wenlian raised his face angrily and said, "What do you know about children?"! We are studying it to see if there is any mystery in it. Green Lotus pursed her lips. "Humph!"! What do you study about other people's swordsmanship? Said to accompany Mu Ying back to the study. Green lotus year when broken melon, and read a lot of poetry and books. What "Guan Guan Sui Jiu, in the continent of the river, my fair lady, a gentleman's good mate" wow, what "Yan Cao Bi such as silk, Qin Sang low green branches, parting with you, is the time when my concubine is heartbroken" ah.. What "Ode to Changmen" and "Song of Everlasting Sorrow".. These literary works about love between men and women all tempt her to yearn for and pursue love. Therefore, as soon as she reached the age of marriage, she began to fall in love, but in her relatively closed life circle, there was no man she liked to open her heart. She is cheerful and lively, eager to have a companion of the same age who can match her literary talent and martial arts. When she heard that Mu Ying lived in her house, she wanted to see him very much, but Li Wenqian didn't allow her to go a few days ago. Later, Li Wenqian wanted to try to change Mu Ying with her, so she was allowed to go. Mu Ying handsome, handsome, elegant, knowledgeable, age and appearance, is the ideal candidate for her male companion, so she fell in love with Mu Ying at first sight. So she pursued him passionately. She saw that Mu Ying lacked enthusiasm for her, but she was naive and simple, thinking that with my red-hot heart, even if he was a piece of ice, he could turn into water. Green Lotus asked Mu Ying to play outside the village, but he refused. She pursed her lips and walked away with tears in her eyes. Mu Ying is alone in the silent room, and her thoughts are churning. He thought, should I promise Uncle Li to study Gongsun Yuenu's swordsmanship together? Martial arts should not be kept secret, but if it is not passed on by others, will it harm Wulin? Should I publicly go back on my word and refuse this exclusive martial arts biography? But he is a gentleman who keeps his word. Once a word is spoken, it is hard to go back on it. Since he has promised someone, how can he go back on his word? But my father has already sacrificed his life in order to keep the secret of this peerless martial art. How can I give it to others? If this set of swordsmanship is not handed down, what face do I have to see my father under the spring? He thought over and over many times before he made the final decision: to show Uncle Li some of the moves of Gongsun Yue's female sword. He prayed silently: "Ancestors, if you have spirits underground, please forgive Mu Ying's unfilial piety. In order to avenge the shame of Yannan factions and promote martial arts, Mu Ying has to take out Mu's unique swordsmanship and practice with Uncle Li." Li Wenqian's wound healed quickly,L Methylfolate Factory, and three days later he came to heal Mu Ying. Mu Ying's body recovered quickly. In a few days, Mu Ying will be able to exercise on her own. Twenty days later, Mu Ying's body has recovered as before. pioneer-biotech.com


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